Infinity Medical R&D partnership announces an investment of $750,000 in medical device company Nanomedic.

The company has developed an innovative and first-of-its-kind device, called “Electrospinning Portable”, for the treatment and healing of complex burns and wounds, using a polymer matrix printed on the patient himself in real time – which acts as actual temporary skin until the wound is fully healed.

This technology uses a polymer solution that produces, in the presence of a high-voltage and real-time electrostatic field – a thin/flexible nanofiber sheet with a structure similar to that of human tissue. This supports the healing process of a variety of wounds and skin lesions such as surgical wounds, burns, and other complex wounds.

Regarding the partnership agreement with Nanomedic, Dr. Yuval Bloch, CEO of Infinity Medical, says: “We were very impressed by the clinical results and innovative technology of spincare, and we are happy to take part in the revolution they are creating in the field. I am convinced that Nanomedic’s advanced treatments will soon be used in cases that cause severe suffering to patients”.

Chen Katz, Chairman of the Nanomedic Board of Directors shares: “We are delighted to have Infinity Medical as a partner and investor in Nanomedic, we are looking forward to working with Infinity’s team of experts to drive Nanomedic and its unique technology to become a market leader in its filed”

The Infinity Medical team is excited about the joint work, and look forward to witnessing the far-reaching effects of Nanomedic on the medical world.

Pictured from right to left: Prof. Yossi Haik of Sheba Hospital (on the advisory board of Nanomedic), Chen Katz, Chairman of the Board, and CEO Mark Detri, at a recent exhibition in the United States.