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From our eclectic team, to our long and successful investment history, to our multinational presence, Infinity Medical is the right company to bring the following portfolio startups to their optimal market positioning.


Genoox’s advanced AI for management and analysis of genetic information allows comprehensive, personalized medical diagnoses.

Genoox’s “Franklin” is the first cooperative global platform for gathering genetic data, accumulated through thousands of examinations, in a single and widely accessible database. This database leverages information provided by global user communities composed of hundreds of corporations, medical organizations, and patients. Through a cloud-based network, Genoox allows patient staff to access and analyze this information, compare it to global data, form new insights, and deliver extensive clinical diagnoses.

The goal of Genoox is to accelerate diagnostic processes by improving precision and ease of testing based on the specific genetic structure of each patient. The primary users of the Genoox solution are hospitals, healthtech and pharmaceutical companies, and development centers.

According to Genoox, they have the largest combined genetic and symptom database in the world in terms of size and quality. Moreover, the database is constantly updated because of the constant input from a global community of genetic experts. At present, the Genoox database holds genetic information related to 65,000 cases, 800 M variants, 700 connected organizations, and 250,000 user indications. The database has been searched 25 M times.

Biobeat Medical Smartmonitoring

Biobeat Medical Smartmonitoring provides wireless patient monitoring solutions for both clinical and at-home use.
Biobeat has two products with FDA approval – a remote medical monitoring watch for home use, and a disposable chest monitor for hospital use. Both devices are backed up by proprietary monitoring systems:

▪ The Early Warning Score system is based on the NEWS protocol, and provides real time warnings of deteriorating patient vital signs along with customizable alert thresholds.

▪ The company’s web monitoring management platform is a cloud-based system for department-wide management. It provides a patient’s medical history in various formats and a reporting function that includes highly scalable granularity.

Biobeat’s unique technology is based on a PPG sensor that has a registered global patent. The sensor enables a clear and accurate reading of the PPG signal wave and allows the measurement of various vital signs. The company also has numerous other devices with registered and pending patents at various stages.

Biobeat began sales in 2019. The company’s main clients are some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and numerous major hospital groups in the US, as well as Israeli hospitals. Today, 75% of the company’s revenues are from the US and 25% from Europe. 35% of these revenues are from various pharmaceutical companies and the remainder from hospitals and chronic care facilities.

In 2021, the company expects a rapid expansion of demand.


Polaris Quantum Biotech, based in Durham, NC, develops a system for the computerized design of drugs using quantum computers. Matching the speed of

Quantum Computers, their technology accelerates the drug development processes by over 10 times.
Quantum Computing technology has reached an inflection point and embodies an unprecedented potential for accelerating the power of computing, and the use of new computing capabilities. The company, founded by Dr. Shahar Keinan, CEO, and Bill Shipman, CTO, uses unique algorithms and advanced quantum computing. The Polaris platform operates on both cloud and quantum computers and enables the optimization of molecular drugs by accelerated computing software while maintaining maximum accuracy. The platform incorporates the ability to store information and arrange it in a way that allows the analysis of artificial intelligence.

Polaris will design the drugs on the computer, synthesize and perform the initial activity and properties tests, then execute the patent on the drug. At this point, the drug will be licensed (or entered into a collaboration agreement) to a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company. The company’s customers are divided into two types: pharmaceutical companies that license drugs that the company develops and companies that buy drug design services from the company.

POLARISqb is transforming health for people everywhere, by the fast creation of drug blueprints for all human proteins, disease pathways, genetic mutations and pathogens.

POLARISq’s goal is to unite the powers of Quantum Computing, AI and Precision Medicine to search chemical space and create novel molecular drugs for specific proteins and diseases.

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