We have put together a team of experts who were already industry leaders when they came aboard. Our varied team is characterized by their outstanding achievements in various fields – medicine, finance, business development, and corporate management. In cooperation, we are laying the foundations for the future of digital medicine.

Partnerships and Directors

“The need for both the State of Israel and the medical technology industry to penetrate the Chinese market has made Infinity into a leading company in the field of digital health investment.”

Shuky Abramovich has been a central figure in the Israeli capital market for over 30 years, with extensive experience in the finance and insurance industries. He is the former CEO of Clal Finance Ltd. and the former Chairman and President of Avatrade. Currently, he is the Chairman of Somoto Inc. (TASE:SMTO) and of IDI Insurance, as well as the CEO and Founder of Nurit Hagalil Investments. Among various senior positions, he is the Director of Orbix Medical Ltd. and an investor in Hospitech Respiration Ltd. Mr. Abramovich has a BA in economics and management, as well as an MBA, from Tel Aviv University.

Shuky Abramovich
Chairman of the Board
Prof. Rivka Carmi

Prof. Rivka Carmi is an internationally renowned pediatrician and geneticist. As an expert on genetic diseases, she is the author of more than 150 publications. In addition, she became the first woman president of an Israeli university when she was chosen to lead the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in 2006. Among numerous awards, honorary degrees, and accolades, Prof. Carmi is a Commander of the Order of the British Empire and was voted as one of the BBC’s top 100 most influential women (2015). Prof. Carmi graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Hadassah Medical School, with additional training at the Soroka University Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Harvard University Medical School.


Dan Suesskind is a former director and CFO of Teva Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:TEVA), where he gained more than 30 years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. He also served as director for many of Israel’s largest and most well-known organizations, including the Israel Corporation (TASE:ILCO), Migdal Insurance Company (TASE:MGDL), Ness Technologies, the First International Bank of Israel (TASE:FIBI), Hadassah Hospital, and Syneron Medical. Mr. Suesskind holds a BA in economics and political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dan Suesskind
Partner and Director

Einav Adiv-Berar is a businesswoman, investor, and serial entrepreneur. In 2011, she founded the “Babysitter” disposable diaper brand as part of DPL Industrial Ltd; the brand rapidly took 15% of the Israeli market and was sold to the Neopharm Group. She is currently the owner and CEO of the TLV Medical Center, which employs 150 of the country’s top surgical doctors. Ms. Adiv-Berar is also a public figure due to her participation as an investor in Israeli version of “The Sharks”, a reality TV show.

Einav Adiv-Berar
Partner and Director
Yahel Shchar

Yahel Shachar has been a seasoned management figure for almost 25 years and is the former CEO of Scailex Corporation (previously Scitex Corporation). For the past several years, he has been serving on the board of directors for a myriad of publicly-traded companies such as Partner Communications (TASE:PTNR), Gilat Satcom (NASDAQ:GILT), Internet Gold (TASE:IGLD), Synergy Cables (TASE:SNCB; Chairman), Imco Industries (TASE:IMCO; Chairman), and Ham-Let (TASE:HAML). Mr. Shachar holds an LLB from Tel Aviv University and an LLM from Georgetown University.

Independent Director
Iris Loewenstein

Iris Loewenstein is an established expert in health economy and an experienced mediator. Leading The Wolfson Health Center Research Fund, she gained vast knowledge in public and private health management, while building strong connections with academic studies and innovation. 
Loewenstein serves as a board member and an advisor in top Israeli companies.

Independent Director

Investment Committee

“We are part of an enterprise that makes life-changing and life-saving investments and which is actually at the beginning of a revolution in digital medicine—one of the most important developments of the modern age.”

Amir Gal-Or has been involved with the venture capital industry for almost 30 years. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and founder of the Infinity Group, Mr. Gal-Or founded Maayan Ventures, is the honorary president of the Israel Chamber of Commerce in China and is an experienced combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force. Mr. Gal-Or holds a BSc in economics and business management from the University of Haifa, an MBA from Tel Aviv University, and is a graduate of Harvard University’s Private Equity and Venture Capital program.

Amir Gal-Or
Chairman of the investment committee

Leon Recanati has managed and invested in some of Israel’s central business enterprises. Until 2003 he was the co-CEO and co-chairman of the IDB Group. Acted as chairman of various corporations including Supersol, Delek, the Clal Group, and initiated Clal Biotechnology in 1999. After the sale of IDB Holdings In 2003, Mr. Recanati founded GlenRock, which invests mainly in Israeli startups, and is on the BOD of a few of its portfolio companies. Serves as vice chairman of the Israel Cancer Association and Chairman of MadaTech, and is active in various NGO. Mr. Recanati has an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an Honorary Dr. from Tel Aviv University and the Technion.

Leon Recanati
Partner and Investment committee Member

Uri Hayik is the VP of Technology at IBM Israel, and in this role, is responsible for the
activities of the IBM Alpha-Zone accelerator. Mr. Hayik is also the former Chief Intelligence
Officer of the Israeli Air Force and a former manager of information and communications
technology at Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT).

Uri Hayik
Investment committee Member
Barak Soreni

Barak Soreni has more than 25 years of experience in various leadership roles within the Israeli financial industry. He is the former CEO of Psagot, one of the largest investment houses in Israel, and is the former senior investment manager at PsagotOfek, Israel’s largest investment company. Mr. Soreni was also on the board of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and currently serves as a member of the investment committees for various provident funds. Mr. Soreni has a BA and an MA in economics and business administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Investment committee Member
Asaf Iram

Asaf Iram is GlenRock’s Managing Partner, and sits on the board of directors of portfolio companies. Since 2006, Mr. Iram has been scouting and leading investments in GlenRock while working closely with portfolio companies and providing consulting to their management. Prior to joining GlenRock, Mr. Iram worked as a consultant for MATI, a public organization committed to assisting the establishment and expansion of businesses, providing business planning for startups and existing businesses, and advising entrepreneurs about creating businesses in Israel. Before GlenRock, Mr. Iram worked at Meitar Liquornik Geva & Leshem Brandwein. Additionally, Mr. Iram has been involved in several independent entrepreneurial ventures. Mr. Iram holds an Executive MBA, a PhM in philosophy (Magna Cum Laude), an LLB, and a BA in management from Tel Aviv University.

Investment committee Member
Gal Raif

Gal Raif has vast experience in accompanying private equity funds during acquisitions of unique opportunities as part of his work at McKinsey & Co. Mr. Raif was also a consultant at Techcode, a leading Chinese incubator, and is the founder of the China Israel Connection, which aims to facilitate trans-cultural familiarity among Israeli and Chinese students at US universities. Mr. Raif served as a lieutenant in the IDF Intelligence Corps and holds a BA in economics from Columbia University.

Consultant to the Investment Committee

Partnership Management

“We are at a point in time that represents a tremendous opportunity. The field of digital medicine has gained fantastic momentum, and the markets, especially in the East, are thirsty for new investments and developments. We are the connection between two worlds: digital medicine and the Chinese market.”

Dr. Yuval Bloch

Dr. Yuval Bloch has more than a decade of experience as a medical director for both public and private Israeli hospitals and in planning new medical centers in China. In addition to his role at Infinity Medical, Dr. Bloch is the CEO of Ichilov Innonation Ltd. and a board member of the Israel Society of Medical Administration. Dr. Bloch is a pediatrician with an MD and a Master’s degree in health systems management from Ben Gurion University.

Partner, CEO
Itay Gal-Or

Itay Gal-Or has an extensive global background with experience in the areas of investments, corporate law and entrepreneurship in the US, China and Europe. His background includes representing and working with well-known and respected international firms. Gal-Or holds a B.A in Finance, and LLB in Corporate Law (certified lawyer and a member of the Israeli Bar Association) and is also an audit committee member for Maccabi World Union.

Investment & Legal Partner
Chanan Morris

Chanan Morris is a financial professional with 14 years of experience in managing Infinity’s top portfolio companies. Mr. Morris has expertise in complex financial arrangements dealing with private investment, disposition of assets, WOFEs, and joint ventures.

Amit Gal-Or

Amit Gal-Or is an experienced cross-border entrepreneur. He has spent the past 13 years in China and graduated from one of its most prestigious universities. Mr. Gal-Or has also built Chinese-Israeli teams and companies across both China and Israel. Throughout his professional career, Mr. Gal-Or has raised tens of millions of dollars in China and has played a number of key roles in organizations ranging from startups to investment boards.

China Operations Manager
Lenny Ellie

Lenny Ellie, Adv., Serves as Operations and Projects Manager. For the past 15 years, Lenny has served in a variety of real estate and business roles in Israel and Eastern Europe. Lenny brings extensive experience in marketing, managing and leading projects.

Administration and Operation Manager
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