Since 1993, Infinity has been making strides in the world of cross-border investment – strengthening the connection between Israeli innovation and the Chinese market. As a leading Israeli-Chinese Equity Fund, Infinity has raised 6 rounds of funding in Israel and 20 in China. Backed by the China Development Bank and Clal Industries, the Group has over 1.5 billion USD under management and 23 funds, incubators, and accelerators established throughout China. ​

Infinity was the first Israeli entity to establish a local Chinese fund, making it a pioneer on the front of establishing an Israeli presence in China. It was also the first to lead an Israeli company to an IPO in China, the first to launch a foreign IP bank that acquired companies, brands, and intellectual property for licensing and commercialization in China.

Over 20+ years of operation, Infinity has led 10 IPO’s, 15+ M&A’s, over 100 investments, and over 700 delegations of Chinese representatives from both the private and public sector to Israel.

In recent years, the fund was granted a senior role in the Belt & Road initiative – a Chinese government initiative intended to strengthen and promote economic cooperation amongst nations.

In 2017, Infinity Group’s CEO, Amir Gal-Or, was bestowed with the Friendship Award by the Chinese government for his great contribution to China-Israel business relations.

In 2020 Amir Gal-Or established in Israel Infinity Medical.

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