About Us

Infinity Medical was established to harness innovative startups and bring digital health solutions to the world.
Our focus is on advanced digital health technologies, with portfolio companies on the cutting edge of health innovation, in transition from development to global sales.
Infinity medical team consists of experts in the fields of medicine, technology, business and finance.
Our experience and confidence are reflected in our public company status (TASE:IMED.L).

Our focus in the digital healthcare field.
Investment Strategy

We evaluate advanced stage digital medicine R&D companies and use our expertise in global entrepreneurship and innovation to add value. We will usually invest in a firm that has an existing product, regulatory approvals, and a clear exit path at the start of the sales, growth, and commercialization stages.

Wearable Devices
Mobile Health
Big data
Precision Medicine

The Global Connection

China accounts for about a third of the global health technology market, with the fastest growing economy in the world and a dizzying pace of technological development. The Infinity Group has spent many years in the market, leading to an extensive contact network and a high level of business expertise. Infinity has a physical presence in the country as well as cooperation agreements with major Chinese firms in the fields of technology and medicine. Altogether, these advantages constitute an ideal platform for the development of young companies and a very significant power multiplier.

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