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Expect growth in the digital healthcare global market by 2026
Israeli digital healthcare companies
$1.3 T
China’s helthcare market size
About Us

Laying the foundations for the future of digital health

Infinity Medical was established to harness innovative startups and bring digital health solutions to the world.
Our focus is on advanced digital health technologies, with portfolio companies on the cutting edge of health innovation, in transition from development to global sales.
With physical presence in China as well as cooperation agreements with major Chinese firms in the fields of technology and medicine, we constitute an ideal platform for the development of young companies and a very significant power multiplier.

Infinity medical team consists of experts in the fields of medicine, technology, business and finance.
Our experience and confidence are reflected in our public company status (TASE:IMED).

Our Relationships
Our Portfolio

We bring digital health companies to the Chinese market, and nurture them as they rapidly grow their business


Genoox uses AI to translate complex genetic data into actionable clinical solutions. Through a cloud-based software platform that manages the entire genetic sequencing process, Genoox leverages Big Data to vastly improve the way genomic information is shared, stored, and analyzed. Genoox was founded in 2014 and is based in Palo Alto.


Biobeat provides wireless patient monitoring solutions for both clinical and at-home use. Biobeat’s patented technologies have received FDA approval and include a wrist monitor, a disposable chest monitor, alert system, and web monitoring platform. Biobeat technology is generating revenue in the US and EU markets, while the company is based in Israel.


Matching the speed of Quantum Computers, their technology accelerates the drug development processes by over 10 times. Quantum Computing technology has reached an inflection point and embodies an unprecedented potential for accelerating the power of computing, and the use of new computing capabilities.


Cynerio is focused on ensuring patient safety and data protection by securing the connected medical device ecosystem. The company’s custom solutions for healthcare providers combine behavior learning with medical workflow analysis to provide full visibility into medical device behavior and activity on the network, detect anomalies, and stop threats in order to ensure patient safety and data protection.


Theranica’s Nerivio Migra is a migraine-relief patch that provides migraine treatment through neuromodulation. Instead of placing electrodes on their head, patients can attach Theranica’s clinically tested, wearable patch to their arm and launch a personalized pain-relief program.


CytoReason's unique technology provides a computer system that performs modeling of the human body using existing information from the world of Biology. The mapping allows the evaluation of the function and activity of the proteins in each type of cell, so that the success and portrait of drugs and experiments can be predicted. CytoReason's technology is based on a huge library of humane molecular information and includes an artificial intelligence platform that allows the world's leading drug companies to optimize the most appropriate drug for the patient, and even predict how patients will respond to a particular drug.


Infinity Medical R&D partnership announces an investment of $750,000 in medical device company Nanomedic. The company has developed an innovative and first-of-its-kind device, called "Electrospinning Portable", for the treatment and healing of complex burns and wounds, using a polymer matrix printed on the patient himself in real time - which acts as actual temporary skin until the wound is fully healed.

We Are Infinity Medical

Dr. Bloch has more than a decade of experience as a medical director for both public and private Israeli hospitals and in planning new medical centers in China. In addition to his role at Infinity Medical, Dr. Bloch is the CEO of Ichilov Innonation Ltd. and a board member of the Israel Society of Medical Administration. Dr. Bloch is a pediatrician with an MD and a Master’s degree in health systems management from Ben Gurion University.
Dr. Yuval Bloch
Partner, CEO

Mr. Abramovich has been a central figure in the Israeli capital market for over 30 years, with extensive experience in the finance and insurance industries. He is the former CEO of Clal Finance Ltd. and the former Chairman and President of Avatrade. Currently, he is the Chairman of Somoto Inc. (TASE:SMTO) and of IDI Insurance, as well as the CEO and Founder of Nurit Hagalil Investments. Among various senior positions, he is the Director of Orbix Medical Ltd. and an investor in Hospitech Respiration Ltd. Mr. Abramovich has a BA in economics and management, as well as an MBA, from Tel Aviv University.

Shuky Abramobich
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Gal-Or has been involved with the venture capital industry for almost 30 years. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and founder of the Infinity Group, Mr. Gal-Or founded Maayan Ventures, is the honorary president of the Israel Chamber of Commerce in China and is an experienced combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force. Mr. Gal-Or holds a BSc in economics and business management from the University of Haifa, an MBA from Tel Aviv University, and is a graduate of Harvard University’s Private Equity and Venture Capital program.

Amir Gal-Or
Founder, Chairman of the Investment Committee
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